Please be advised, ALL APPROVED ARTISTS/PIERCERS MUST USE 100% disposable equipment, the health-board will DECLINE any autoclavable piercing tools or tattoo equipment, which means you will FAIL your inspection and will not be allowed to offer any services. 

Tattoo artists MUST USE cartridges with membranes - companies that do not have membranes in their cartridges will be denied.

APPROVED companies: FYT, ENVY, Ghost, Cheyenne, PEAK, Da Vinci

Filling out this online application  does NOT  guarantee you a booth – but rather allows us to review your tattoo work/portfolio, studio, and more for a possible invitation to purchase a booth.

We do NOT email applicants back unless they are to receive an invitation for a  booth.


All  booths MUST be approved, any incomplete applications will be rejected and not reviewed.

The first step below is to get your application into our system for review based off of the information you provide in the online form.

Once we get this application and fully review it, you may receive an invitational email with links to the booth release forms and booth payments that need to be done at the same time, no exceptions.

We do everything digitally, including all forms and all payments.

We are accepting 50% non refundable deposits on 10x10 and larger booths, we require FULL payment one month before the show - No exceptions.

booth pricing

Two Artist Booth 10x10  $900 CAD

Includes Guaranteed 2 Social Media Posts Per Artist

Single Artist Booth   5x10 $500 CAD

Includes Guaranteed 2 Social Media Posts Per Artist


Vendor Booth 10x10  $900 CAD

Includes Guaranteed 3 Social Media Posts

Half Vendor Booth 10x10  $500 CAD

Includes Guaranteed 3 Social Media Posts


Top Placement on Artist Pages/Search Results + $100
Corner Booth Location + $50
End Cap Location + $100

ALL Booths include 

THREE wristbands/lanyards 

Two tables. {Extra tables are available for $20.)

Four chairs


Trash bin & liner (emptied each night)

Sharps Container (Artists' Only)​

A full list of all tattoo supplies covered will be released at a later date:
all disposables, cavicide, complimentary ink station, printers & stencil machines 

Massage Bed rentals will be available at a later date